Total Body Holiday Home Work Out

November 28th, 2017

With the holidays approaching, your schedule will likely be filled with many opportunities to overindulge. It is no surprise that most of us gain some unwanted weight during this time of year and it is a perfect time for a home work out. Here are some tips as well as a safe home workout to help avoid those unwanted extra pounds.

Tips from TFI on how to stay FIT this holiday season!

  • Plan and schedule your workouts first thing in the morning. If you wait to do it later in the day, you’re workout is more likely to get derailed from holiday work parties, happy hour, and other holiday celebrations.
  • Just move. If you skipped a workout, just get up and move. Small bursts of physical activity has shown to have health benefits. Walk around, take the stairs instead of elevators. Avoid long periods of sitting and inactivity.
  • Eat before you feast. Skipping meals will make you overeat for dinner. Pack healthy snacks if you are out and about to avoid eating out.
  • Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. We tend to overeat if we’re sleep deprived and miss a workout.
  • Include your family and friends. Plan a ski trip, go for a hike, build a snowman, shovel snow, ice skating or sledding.
  • Start a family tradition. Sign up for a race. We love our FIT challenges and so do kids! Plank hold challenge anyone? Push up contests are the best! If you challenge your family to a FIT challenge, just make sure you do it before a holiday cocktail.
  • Find balance. If you’re going to have one bad night, make sure the rest of the week you are eating right and staying healthy as possible by hitting the gym or getting in a workout at home. Its OK to allow yourself to splurge on some dessert or drinks. Just don’t go overboard from Thanksgiving until New years.
  • Bring a healthy dish to the party. Our friends from KitchFix shared the 21 healthy, easy and delicious holiday recipes from Real Food Whole Life. We’re loving all the gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free recipes to make. Learn more at the Healthy Eating Blog.
  • Limit alcohol intake! It’s no secret that alcohol has empty calories. If you do choose to drink, try to have your drinks after dinner.

Pre Work Out WARMUP

Foam Rolling: Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves
Muscle Activation: Sidelying clamshells, transverse abdominal marches, prone low trap squeezes
Static Stretches: Standing hamstring stretch, standing quad stretch, kneeling hip flexor stretch, piriformis stretch


Key Points: Perform all exercises slow and controlled to help maintain good form throughout workout. All exercises are to be performed as a giant super-set meaning minimal rest from exercise to exercise. After you complete the group of exercises you can give yourself a few minutes to rest. Challenge yourself by completing 3-5 sets. Also, 2 different types of modifications are given for each exercise. Good luck!  Click here for examples of exercises.

Exercise Set 1

(Time or Reps)

Modification 1 Modification 2
Burpees X 30 seconds High Knees in place Jog in place
Lateral bounding Skaters with 2 second pause X 12 ea. leg Single leg balance with reach to floor Single leg balance with forward reach
Jump squat X 15 Squat Squat sit to chair and stand
Plank with hip Raise X 30-60 seconds Plank with leg extension Basic plank
Basic push up X 15 Push up from knees Wall push up
Prone superman (both arms and legs lift together) X 15 Laying prone bird dog (opposite arm and leg lift) Bird dog ( on hands and knees)
Single leg bridge X 15 Bridge with feet elevated Basic bridge
Walking forward lunges X 12 ea leg Forward lunge in place Lateral lunge
Wall sit X 60 seconds Wall sit for 45 seconds Wall sit for 30 seconds

By: Luigi Degirolamo, CPT

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