The FIT Institute is now offering Teletherapy services!

April 3rd, 2020

What is Teletherapy and why is it important during physical distancing?

At The FIT Institute it is still possible to participate in physical therapy while social distancing in efforts to flatten the curve! Teletherapy is the delivery of physical therapy through a two -way live video connection and communication. This allows you to see the physical therapist and for your physical therapist to see you. During a Teletherapy visit, your therapist will be able to listen to your history, observe how you move, and educate you on how to approach your current issue. With the two- way video communication, your therapist is able to direct you through a variety of specific interventions including strengthening activities, balance exercises, and stretching. This system also allows your therapist to provide in depth education regarding your pain, posture, ergonomics, and other ideas on how to improve your function without having you come into the clinic.

Is it covered by insurance?

Good news. As of last week, most insurance providers began providing telehealth benefits to fully-insured members for all medically necessary covered services and treatments consistent with the member’s benefit plan. It is also possible to participate in Teletherapy on a cash basis with one of our physical therapist.

Is a physical therapy script necessary?

No prescription for Physical Therapy? Not a problem! Direct Access allows us at The FIT Institute to evaluate and treat patients without a physician referral. No need to wait! Let TFI be the start of your journey to a life without pain.

What are the sessions like?

– New Patient Injury Screen: A comprehensive discussion via telephone communication regarding new or chronic pain and limitations you have been experiencing. 

– New Patient Teletherapy Evaluation: One – on – one, two -way video consultation, movement analysis and application of corrective exercises; as well as in -depth education regarding home management and self maintenance techniques.

– Existing Patient Teletherapy Visit: One – on – one, two -way video session including recommendations and progression of individualized exercises; as well as ongoing education for symptom reduction and pain management.

Contact The FIT Institute at (773) 799-2795, or use the button above to learn more about your telehealth options, and to schedule an appointment!

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