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5 tips to think about when Shoveling:

If you live in Chicago, you will understand why we are posting a snow shoveling entry at the end of January. A surprising amount of injuries occur due to improper shoveling practices.  Shoveling is not a danger in itself, it is dependent on HOW we shovel. As we move into the peak snow season [...]

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The BRAIN-G Principle

The Brain-G Principle: Rest and Recovery- This takes approximately 7-10 days. According to the NFL’s return-to-participation protocol, a player must rest "until his signs and symptoms and neurological examination, including cognitive and balance tests, return to baseline status." Bike- Once symptoms are controlled and tolerable, an athlete can begin like aerobic exercise. The load is [...]

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Brandin Cook’s Head Injury

Just think, it’s the second quarter of the Super Bowl and one of your best wide receivers goes down. For the Patriots, there are resounding gasps in the crowd and along the sideline, while huddles are quickly gathering along the Eagles bench and the plotting begins to capitalize on one man's injury. This is the [...]

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Eat & Stay FIT during Super Bowl Parties

The Super Bowl is a huge sports event, but it’s also one of those things that require a lot of attention and preparation. A lot of people end up drinking and eating way too much during Super Bowl parties. This is why it’s a good idea to prepare some healthy snacks for the upcoming Super [...]

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Physical Therapists are Trained to Treat a Wide Range of Illnesses and Injuries

When most people hear the words “physical therapy,” they immediately think of rehabilitation for someone with a sports injury. And while that’s accurate, physical therapists work with many types of patients, presenting with a wide variety of injuries, conditions and diseases. In fact, the profession of physical therapy can be divided into many distinct practice [...]

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ACL Prevention Program

Although significant and meaningful headway has been made, researchers have yet to establish a gold standard regarding the most effective dose and specific parameters administrating an ACL prevention program.  Six published papers targeting ACL prevention in female athletes found significant effects implementing a supervised, structured neuromuscular training program. There were 29 total ACL injuries in [...]

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Growing Pains in Kids

Growing Pains in Kids Approximately 40% of today's adolescent population are active daily and participating in sports and recreational activities. Being active often means being healthy, so why are growing pains so often experienced? The term "growing pains" (GP) is used often to describe persistent discomfort in children with an unexplained origin. Research has shown no link between [...]

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