Dry Needling Chicago, IL

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a therapeutic technique in which a small filament needle is used to mechanically disrupt dysfunctional muscle, fascia and connective tissue. The most supported approach targets myofascial active and / or latent trigger points.  Active trigger points can cause spontaneous pain, whereas latent trigger points elicit symptoms when compressed. A trigger point can be anywhere in the body in response to sudden injury, muscle overload, or repetitive microtrauma. These trigger points negatively alter the activity of the muscle causing scarring, myofascial pain, motor recruitment and muscle firing deficits.

Mechanically, dry needling targets the microscopic dysfunction of the muscle along with the nerves associated with it. The disruption produced by the needle also releases chemical and hormonal messengers that help balance the nervous system. Overall, the goal of DNT is to return the muscle and soft tissue structures to a “normal” electrical, chemical, and mechanical environment.

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