Neck Pain Relief

Decrease Neck Pain with Physical Therapy

In any given year one-third of the population will experience neck pain according to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Neck pain can be rather limiting causing disruptions in daily activities including work, child care and hobbies.

Neck pain symptoms can vary depending on the cause. You may experience reduced mobility, painful movements, headache, radiating pain down your arms and even numbness or tingling. 

Fortunately, physical therapy can help get you back to your normal, pain-free life. Many of our patients are able to find neck pain relief every year with the help of our licensed Physical Therapists. If you have been suffering from neck pain, contact The FIT Institute (TFI) today to schedule an evaluation.

Why do I have Neck Pain?

Causes of neck pain vary. There may be a specific traumatic event such as a car accident or waking up in an awkward position. Regardless of the cause, physical therapy can help!


 injuries during an auto accident

Nerve compression

 due to a herniated disc or stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) resulting in radiating symptoms down the arm or numbness/tingling/weakness


in the neck is an age related degeneration that may contribute to pain and stiffness

  • Postural deficits can lead to symptoms such as maintaining a position for a prolonged amount of time while at work
  • Lifting injuries at work or exercise can lead to neck pain and stiffness

How can I treat my Neck Pain?

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for neck pain. Your initial evaluation will consist of a thorough history and examination assessing range of motion, posture, strength, and how well your muscles and joints move. Education is an important aspect of physical therapy and we focus on optimizing your movements to improve your pain and functional limitations. During the initial evaluation you and your Physical Therapist will discuss specific functional goals that you want to address. You will be provided with a specific plan of care addressing the impairments that are related to your symptoms.

Physical therapy treatment at The FIT Institute (TFI) may consist of hands -on manual therapy, education, and exercise. If appropriate manual therapy interventions like soft tissue mobilizations, joint mobilizations, and nerve mobility techniques are utilized to improve mobility and reduce pain. Education focusing on body mechanics, posture, and pain management are an essential part of your rehabilitation. Active interventions such as strengthening exercises, endurance exercises, and mobility tasks are some of the most important interventions as this teaches you how to manage your symptoms independently.

Neck pain is common. However, it does not need to limit you in your daily life! Contact The FIT Institute (TFI) today in Chicago, North Center, Lincoln Square, Lincoln Park, Roscoe Village, IL to schedule an appointment at our physical therapy office. We will set you up with a consultation and get you started on the road toward long-lasting pain relief!