Geriatric Personal Training Chicago, IL

Geriatric Personal Training

Geriatric physical therapy is generally comprised of three main categories: manual therapy, exercise, and education.

Manual therapy, also known as “hands-on treatment,” is performed in order to decrease a patient’s pain, restore their mobility, and increase their circulation. Common forms of manual therapy include massage and joint/muscle manipulation.

Exercise is a crucial part of any geriatric treatment plan. One of our highly-trained personal training will prescribe targeted exercises for each patient’s specific needs, in order to help them improve their muscle strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and physical endurance. Exercise is also helpful in decreasing a patient’s risk of falling increasing their overall mobility. Common geriatric exercises include walking, stretching, light weight lifting, and aquatic therapy.

Education is important in maintaining the progress made during treatments. Our personal trainers will provide patients with helpful tips and techniques for safely performing daily tasks, using assistive devices, and preventing further injuries from occurring.

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