Pamela K.

April 23rd, 2019

I have worked with a number of trainers in the past and Luigi tops them all, for sure in a class of his own. He runs a fitness center that is focused on personal training and PT.  It is the opposite of what you think of when you think of going to a “gym”.  It’s compact, yet a facility that has everything you need.  Luigi is SO good as a trainer.  He will kick your butt and you won’t know it until the session is over.  For me, his ability to guide me and get me to work hard without being too intense and “drill sergeant-esque” is what makes it work for me.  I look forward to my weekly workouts.  And he is flexible… my schedule changes weekly and he always finds a way to squeeze me in if our weekly time doesn’t work out.  He’s so knowledgeable such that, even with me being a nurse and knowing the body’s anatomy, I still learn from him and can apply that to my workouts.  If you are looking for a new workout solution and a great trainer, Luigi is your man. Regardless of your goals, he adapts and works with you to achieve them.  Highly recommend him!