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Dry Needling Therapy  (DNT) Frequently Asked Questions

February 23rd, 2018

“Dry Needling Therapy (DNT) is a technique used to treat dysfunctions in skeletal muscle, fascia, and connective tissue, and, diminish persistent peripheral nociceptive input, and reduce or restore impairments of body structure and function leading to improved activity and participation.” American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) 2013 Dry Needling Therapy (DNT) –How to prepare: It is

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Is dry needling therapy right for you?

February 15th, 2018

Part I: Dry Needling Therapy Dry Needling is a therapeutic technique in which a small filament needle is used to mechanically disrupt dysfunctional muscle, fascia and connective tissue. The most supported approach targets myofascial active and / or latent trigger points. Active trigger points can cause spontaneous pain, whereas latent trigger points elicit symptoms when

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