Video Running Analysis

Dartfish Video Assessment

What is a Video Assessment?

Here at The FIT Institute (TFI), we invest in our patients and athletes by using technology to provide visual feedback and track progress. Our Physical Therapists will use video assessments to analyze your gait and running mechanics, overhead throwing form, squat techniques, and return to sport protocol. Video assessments utilize cameras and software called Dartfish to analyze your movement patterns. With Dartfish, we are able to film your movements from a variety of angles and replay your movements in slow motion. This allows us to observe any atypical patterns, movements, or functional weaknesses that may be limiting your full potential. 

Video Running Analysis

During the running analysis, you are filmed from several different angles while running on a treadmill at varying speeds. Using our Dartfish software, we are then able to observe movement patterns that may reduce the efficiency of your running, or possibly increase the risk of injury.  If you are looking to improve your form or returning from an injury, a video running analysis is a great tool to help you achieve your goals. 

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What we look for during a Video Running Analysis:

Running is not just a straightforward movement. It is a complex movement that incorporates rotational movements, lateral movements, and vertical movements. To the naked eye it can be challenging, and overwhelming, to observe this all at once. With Dartfish software, we can break it down frame by frame.

During the video running analysis we look at:

  • Cadence
  • Pelvic control
  • Foot strike
  • Base of support
  • Vertical displacement
  • Trunk movements
  • Rotational movements

Following the running analysis we sit down with you and take your through our observations to make sure you fully understand your running form and pattern. From there, we initiate corrective actions focusing on improved functional strength, coordination, and balance. Each exercise progression is tailored to your specific needs to make sure you are reaching your running goals!

Overhead Throwing Analysis

During the overhead throwing analysis, you are taken through a warm up progression, then filmed from a variety of angles while throwing. Our Physical Therapists are able to then break down each phase of the throwing cycle frame by frame to observe for any movement patterns that may increase the likelihood of injury. It is our goal to develop safe and efficient throwers!

What we look for during Video Throwing Analysis:

Throwing is a complex movement pattern that does not involve just your arm. During the throwing analysis we are looking at how your entire body is involved during throwing.  We look at how you utilize your shoulder, trunk, hips, and how you coordinate these body parts together.

During the video throwing analysis we observe:

  • Wind up
  • Stride
  • Arm cocking
  • Arm acceleration
  • Arm deceleration
  • Follow through
  • Range of motion
  • Step length
  • Step angle

Following your throwing analysis we review what we have observed. We apply corrective exercises and tasks to improve upon any faulty patterns. These activities may not just be arm specific but can also incorporate trunk/core strength, balance, hip power, and mobility. 

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Video analyses can be extremely beneficial to improve efficiency, facilitate recovery from injury, and reduce the likelihood of injury.  If you are interested in participating in a video analysis to target your problem areas and improve your overall function, contact The FIT Institute (TFI) today at Chicago, North Center, Lincoln Square, Lincoln Park, Roscoe Village, IL. We’ll help you reach your optimum performance!