How do I know if physical therapy will help me?

September 8th, 2016

It varies case by case, but we are here to help you determine if physical therapy is the right choice for you. Give us a call at (773) 799-2795 to discuss your current condition.

Do I have to go to a specific physical therapy clinic?

May 31st, 2019

As a patient, you have the right to choose your healthcare providers and we encourage all patients to find the facility and Physical Therapist that is right for you. Here at the FIT Institute, we are dedicated to providing one-on-one, customized, quality care that will get you back to doing the activities you love. We

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Do you treat and work with kids?

May 31st, 2019

We do!  In fact, we specialize in working with youth athletes. Our Physical Therapists are ex-college athletes who understand the mental and physical demands of youth sports. We emphasize injury prevention and teach body awareness with all of our youth athletes to avoid recurring injuries.