Running Injuries

Do You Have One of These Running Injuries? If So, We Can Help

November 15th, 2020

Find Relief for Your Running Injury with the Help of Physical Therapy! Running is a great way to improve your health and stay in shape. Unfortunately, there are several types of sports injuries associated with running. The following are some common running injuries and the best ways to treat them. 1. Plantar Fasciitis Of all

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Flat Feet

Relieve the Pain of Flat Feet with Physical Therapy

November 5th, 2020

Flat feet are caused by many things, genetics, age, weight, etc., and can create painful body issues. A physical therapist can treat and suggest simple lifestyle changes like exercises to lengthen and strengthen muscles, shoes, and insoles that will lift the arch and posture builders to engage and strengthen the core. But those with flat

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The Fit Institute ACL Program

October 23rd, 2020

The Fit Institute is proud to announce the establishment of The Fit Institute ACL Program! It was developed to provide the best possible care for someone recovering from an ACL injury in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. It is unique compared to other physical therapy clinics as it is designed to progress to working with

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