Mary Kate Casey – DPT

Movement Specialist
CAFS­ Certified Applied Functional Science
Graston Technique Certified
Concussion Management Specialist
Four Time National Champion Lacrosse Player at Northwestern University

Mary Kate is a former collegiate lacrosse player with four National Championships as a member of the Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse team. She graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree from Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and currently specializes in sports medicine rehabilitation. After sustaining an ACL injury her freshman year of college, her interest in physical therapy began. Now, with three years of experience in the physical therapy profession, Mary Kate saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between sports performance and injury prevention. As a former collegiate athlete and experienced physical therapist, Mary Kate felt something was missing for those athletes who train extended hours to excel in their sport, yet continuously need to fend off injuries.

Her methodology pre and post injury focus on the assessment of muscle imbalances, recruitment of specific muscles, stabilization of muscle groups and integration of proper mechanical loading during sport specific activities. Mary Kate addresses individual’s weakness with a hand on approach with manual therapy techniques, Graston Technique, myofascial release, neuromuscular control and dynamic flexibility. She believes everybody should have a thorough movement analysis annually to reduce injury and improve efficient during daily and recreation activities.

After a six-month recovery, Mary Kate was prepared to return to the field and play again. To sustain the demands of training 3 hours a day/6 days a week, Mary Kate had to follow a strict program that not only focused on strength, speed, agility, and quickness but also included flexibility, balance, mechanical and proprioceptive training during sport specific activities. This is where her holistic approach to injury prevention, sports performance, and mental preparation came to fruition. This unique combination of training helped her become a successful athlete throughout her collegiate career and into young adulthood. She now treats the general orthopedic population as well as sports-related injuries of all ages.

Luigi Degirolamo – CPT

Luigi Degirolamo, CPT - Chicago Physical Therapy

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Youth Exercise Specialist
NASM Senior Exercise Specialist
NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist
Illinois Youth my Soccer Coaching License

Luigi is a certified personal trainer and former collegiate soccer player who specializes in strength and conditioning, individual personal training and soccer instruction. His diverse background includes six years of personal training, exposure to physical therapy as a rehab assistant, and a head soccer coach at the high school and club level. Luigi has a combination of skills to assist each individual in achieving their goals and becoming a strong and healthy individual. His eagerness to help others and keen attention to detail sets Luigi apart from other trainers in the industry.

Luigi is a certified Illinois Youth Soccer Coach and currently coaches the Wilmette Wings. His coaching strategies include team work, communication, perseverance, and determination. He works hard to instill those characteristics in each of his players and stresses the importance of those qualities during individual and group training sessions.

Luigi grew up In Morton Grove, IL, attended Notre Dame College Prep and continued his soccer career at Benedictine University. During his two-year tenure with the Eagles, Luigi spent many hours in the weight room and on the field mastering his skills and fitness. In his free time, Luigi enjoys running, coaching soccer, and spending his free time with his wife.

Stephanie Ferro – DPT, 

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Movement Specialist
Sports Medicine & Pediatrics 

Certified in Dry Needling
Former Divsion I Soccer Player- FAU

Stephanie graduated from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She was born in New York, raised in Florida and moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern. She is a former Division 1 athlete playing collegiate soccer in the Sun Belt Conference in South Florida. Stephanie grew up playing soccer at an elite level, traveling throughout the Southeast. During her freshman year of high school she sustained spondylolysis of the lumbar spine in an international soccer tournament. She suffered from low back pain throughout these early high school years. Her performance suffered until the compassionate, holistic approach of a physical therapist. Since then, it has been her mission to specialize in sports medicine rehabilitation, particularly in the adolescent athlete.

In addition to the excellent didactic preparation at Northwestern, she has gained a plethora of valuable, diverse clinical experiences. Stephanie has been fortunate to work with patients across the lifespan with an array of underlying conditions and clinical presentations. Her goal is to provide the highest quality of patient care that is both creative and evidenced-based. She has experience as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Committed to developing individualized programs for pediatric and geriatric clientele with goals to improve general health and wellness as well as sports performance. She also has experience leading summer youth soccer camps.  

Stephanie continues to play soccer on a co-ed recreational team at Chicago Fire. When not at the clinic or on the field, she is working and training at a high intensity interval training fitness studio. To complement HIIT and to manage low back pain, she participates in reformer pilates with a goal to become a Certified Pilates Instructor, PMA®  She is passionate spreading her enthusiasm of health, wellness and fitness.  She is active in the community educating and sharing valuable knowledge for in -the -workplace, in -the -gym, or on and off the field.

Vicky Pudussery

Victoria Pudussery is a rehabilitation aide at The FIT Institute. She will be graduating in the spring of 2018 with a degree in Exercise Science from North Park University. In the fall of 2018, Victoria will pursuing her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree in the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University.

She is eager to help TFI patients and clients with any and all tasks. She believes in celebrating small victories, individualized care and the fundamental principles that make up TFI. Victoria feels strongly about re-racking weights and black iced coffee.

Rachel Farr – AT, ATC, CSCS, NSCA – CPT

Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Rachel obtained a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training from Northern Michigan University. She has experience working in the Athletic Training Department of NMU’s varsity teams, which allowed her to hone her skills in sports training and orthopedic injury prevention and rehabilitation. She fell in love with the sport of hockey at a young age and now specializes in hockey training. She has experience working with patients in the physical therapy clinical setting and a variety of people from ages 6-80 years old.

Rachel has also worked as a professor in NMU’s School of Health and Human performance. There she educated undergraduate students in the subjects of exercise science, health promotion, kenisiology, CPR/AED certification, and health promotion activities.  She has a passion to learn and educate individuals of the importance of living healthy lifestyle. 
As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Licensed Athletic Trainer, she specializes in hockey training and has worked with a wide variety of  players ranging from Mite to Collegiate Division I levels. Her training focus is to safely progress athletes to improve agility, speed, power, explosiveness, balance and body awareness.  These skills will improve on-ice forward & crossover skating strides, skating stride length & rate, skating mechanics, and control during shooting and passing while decreasing the risk of injury.
Rachel was born and raised with three older brothers in the suburbs of Detroit. She grew up with a family who loved sports and the outdoors. Hockey, camping, fishing, and hunting were among the things they enjoyed the most. She’s a very positive, outgoing person who is always excited to make new friends. Her hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, horseback riding, and rollerblading with her pup Duke.

Erin B. – LMT (FIT Massage)

Graduated from the core and Master’s Program at the Soma Institute in 2010

FIT massage is owned and operated by a licensed clinical massage therapist who specializes in restoring the body back to its ultimate postural balance.  Through a variety of clinical orthopedic massage techniques, stretching and exercises, FIT massage provides you with all the tools you will need to perform at your very best.  FIT massage helps with pre-habbing and rehabbing your muscles with soft tissue manual therapy.  Pre/post injury, pre/post-surgery, or pre/post-race or game, or just everyday overuse aches and pains, functional clinical therapeutic massage will encourage muscle balance and restore soft tissues to their optimal health.     

Erin is a very proud mother to two amazing little humans.  She is familiar with pregnancy pains and the pain that comes after having a child.  In 1998, Erin was in a near fatal snow-mobiling accident.  She pushed herself through four years of intense physical therapy while working as a tax accountant at a local Chicago Accounting firm.  After her recovery, she decided to change careers and devote herself to helping others heal from pain and injuries.  The mental and physical strength she learned as an elite gymnast pulled her through every one of life’s obstacles and has inspired her to become a massage therapist.  

Erin graduated from the core and Master’s Program at the Soma Institute in 2010.  With over one thousand credit hours, Erin’s specialties are medical, therapeutic and sports massage as well as pre and post-natal massage.  She completed a cadaver lab focusing on lower body injuries at UIC in 2011.  Erin uses her understanding of the body to tailor therapeutic massage treatment plans that address the pain and target the root of the problem.  She does this by using a variety of techniques such as trigger point release, myofascial release, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching.  Erin also incorporates cupping and other methods of circulatory massage to reduce stagnation and increase muscle oxygenation.  

Erin has been working with clients from professional athletes to weekend warriors; from soccer moms to expectant mothers for her entire career.  She treats all musculo-skeletal issues from back aches to pregnancy pains from sports related injuries to injury prevention.  Erin’s passion for this work lies in a deep belief that finding the root of dysfunction and alleviating pain increases the wellness of a person’s life.