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Total Body Holiday Home Work Out

With the holidays approaching, your schedule will likely be filled with many opportunities to overindulge. It is no surprise that most of us gain some unwanted weight during this time of year and it is [...]

Focus on Your Pregnancy, Not the Pain

PART II: PRENATAL EXERCISE Early into your pregnancy, the placenta produces a hormone that helps your whole body physically become a bit looser. The release of relaxin accommodates the growth of your baby and helps [...]

Top 12 Exercise Recommendations During Pregnancy

PART I: Exercise One of the most rewarding yet challenging times in a woman’s life is when she carries and gives birth to a newborn baby. While pregnancy brings so much excitement, it can also [...]

Sports-related Overuse Injuries In Your Child

As sports participation increases so too does the incidence of overuse injuries.  The immature skeleton is particularly at risk for injury due to the presence of growth cartilage (epiphyseal plate, joint surface and apophysis).  For [...]

Growing Pains in Kids

Growing Pains in Kids Approximately 40% of today's adolescent population are active daily and participating in sports and recreational activities. Being active often means being healthy, so why are growing pains so often experienced? The [...]

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