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Brandin Cooks Head Injury

Just think, it’s the second quarter of the Super Bowl and one of your best wide receivers goes down. This was the case for Brandin Cooks at this year's super bowl.  For the Patriots, there [...]

How do football players prepare for the Super Bowl?

Let’s face it, the NFL is one of the most injury prone sports and foam rolling can help. It makes sense that the NFL, college, and youth levels can only play once a week during [...]

Eat & Stay FIT during Super Bowl Parties

The Super Bowl is a huge sports event, but it’s also one of those things that require a lot of attention and preparation. A lot of people end up drinking and eating way too much [...]

Physical Therapists are Trained to Treat a Wide Range of Illnesses and Injuries

When most people hear the words “physical therapy,” they immediately think of rehabilitation for someone with a sports injury. And while that’s accurate, physical therapists work with many types of patients, presenting with a wide [...]

See Your Physical Therapist to Nip Potential Injuries in the Bud

You probably already know to make an appointment with a physical therapist when you sprain your ankle or develop tennis elbow. But what if you’ve felt a slight twinge in your knee during your daily [...]

ACL Prevention Program

Although significant and meaningful headway has been made, researchers have yet to establish a gold standard regarding the most effective dose and specific parameters administrating an ACL prevention program.  Six published papers targeting ACL prevention [...]

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