Our Vision

We are a physical therapy and personal training facility working together to provide exceptional service that is paramount in assisting clients during their recovery and journey to optimal performance.  With this multidisciplinary approach, we offer a continuum of care for our patients/clients and bridge the gap between rehabilitation and sports performance.  

Our Philosophy

As creators of the ARSI Movement Assessment, we believe a thorough examination to indicate muscle imbalances, strength and flexibility deficits are imperative for any patient/client.   We increase the longevity of an athlete’s career by teaching proper movement patterns that reduce reduced mechanical loading that often leads to non-contact or overuse injuries.  This methodology was implemented to reduce the overall risk of injury while still focusing on the body’s ability to perform at peak levels in the most efficient way.

Assessment- appropriate assess muscle imbalances and strength/flexibility deficits

Recruitment- improve muscle recruitment during functional movements

Stabilization- improve stability through muscle groups to reduce overuse

Integration- improve body awareness and integrate proper mechanical loading during sport specific movements

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