The Fit Institute Vision

We are a physical therapy and personal training facility that bridges the gap between rehabilitation and sports performance.  Working together, we  provide exceptional service that is paramount in assisting clients during their recovery and journey to optimal performance.  With this multidisciplinary approach, we offer a continuum of care for our patients/clients.


We believe a thorough examination to indicate muscle imbalances, strength and flexibility deficits is imperative for any patient/client.  This methodology was implemented to reduce the overall risk of injury while still focusing on the body’s ability to perform at peak levels in the most efficient way.

Core Values

What makes us different?

    • Medically informed approaches to sports performance which includes communication and collaboration between personal trainers and physical therapists
    • Dartfish technology to analyze sport specific and functional activities (provides visual and verbal feedback to patient and client)
    • Use of MyZone technology to train at optimal levels and increase cardiovascular and metabolic results
    • Focus on form and technique to ensure safe performance on and off the field
    • Appropriate progression to allow for optimal performance in season and avoid overtraining
    • Focus on recovery of muscles to properly allow the body to absorb benefits of exercise
    • Promote a healthy emotional, physical and mental approach to training and sports performance through interactions with sports psychologist and nutritionist
    • Utilize a team approach between physical therapist and personal trainer

We get results. Numbers don’t lie.

    • Every one of our athletes has a baseline assessment followed by a re-assessment to evaluate personal gains and continued areas of improvement.
    • We believe if you cant see the improvement, it didn’t happen. We all can say, “oh yeah, he looks faster”, but we take all the guessing out of it and give you true  objective data that allows us to compare your athlete to the millions of other athletes his/her age.
    • What better way to measure athleticism… Do it like the Pros.



Had a tremendous experience with the folks at the FIT Institute. Stephanie just might be a miracle worker. I really felt like they took the time to get to know what my issues were, which was such a relief because I had been having issues for so long and avoiding therapy because of a few negative experiences I had in the past at other places. She was constantly asking for feedback and adapting the exercises to match my responses to the treatment. The facilities are modern, clean, and first class, and the entire staff is welcoming and extremely helpful. Couldn’t be happier to recommend Stephanie, and the rest of the gang at the Fit Institute.”

“I found the Fit Institute after a lower back injury had left me in chronic pain for several months. Working with Stephanie and the FIT Institute team, my strength and mobility quickly improved and the pain, through targeted therapy and exercise, began to subside. I now enjoy pain-free days, and in the bargain, I lost weight and gained overall muscle tone. Stephanie is a consummate professional, a skilled therapist who creates individualized recovery plans that are highly effective. Stephanie and the entire Fit Institute team–an incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly group–create an atmosphere of trust and motivation that accelerates the healing process. If you’re looking for results, then go to the Fit Institute.”

“I was fortunate to meet Luigi two years ago when I was suffering from IT Band Syndrome as well as other aches and pains. Luigi helped me get rid of all my pain and improved my strength and balance at the same time. I referred my daughter and granddaughter to Luigi as well. Turns out I was moving more weight than my 18 yr. old granddaughter. I highly recommend Luigi for all your fitness needs.”
– Janet Hunter, Client recovering from knee pain, Glenview, IL

“I have worked out with multiple trainers before but I feel that since I have worked out with Luigi that he is in a league of his own. He knows how to work around an injury and how to still make you strong and able to deal with the everyday movements that you have to deal with in life. I thought I was not going to be able to enjoy certain activities after my back and foot injury but I now can do anything because of the strength training that I have received from Luigi. “
– Renee Burnes, Former Cheerleader focusing health and wellness, Glenview. IL

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